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December 30, 2012


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I would love it if people could help me out with a pic of Sparky I want permission to use your art in a collage here is the sparky one Sparky by ScorpionsKissx

or Zero
or Scraps..
everyone will be credited

AND OF JACK TOO.. This is for all art talents I would love a different range so there are alot of styles. Even my 7 year old daughter is helping!!

note me or comment bellow with a link to a pic you have done of sparky or zero or scraps. so I can put them all together to make a collage of them Id like the background you've drawn to remain white to make it easier to put pics together in Photoshop..I will credit everyone for their help in each picture.

All together there will be 4 collages one of sparky pics,sparky collage by ScorpionsKissx bit like this for example this is what they will look like only more of them..This pic done by me and family.
one of zero pics Zero collage by ScorpionsKissx
and one of scraps AND one of jack skellington. with my art and anyone who would like to help. If you have any  pics up already just link me to that if you want them used or are interested thank you for your time.
So please help out it would be awesome


pics so far

Chasing Mr. Whiskers by SlytherinPianist Zero at Night by SlytherinPianist by :iconslytherinpianist:

FRANKENWEENIE by WorldofTIMZ by :iconworldoftimz:

:thumb196953436::thumb143000196: Sparky by sonicshadowlover13 :iconsonicshadowlover13:

Play Dead by Rodent-blood Fetch by Rodent-blood Roll Over by Rodent-blood  :iconrodent-blood:

Strange Love by wahyawolf Frankenweenie by wahyawolf A Message by wahyawolf  Sparky by wahyawolf  :iconwahyawolf:

Tim Burton's Dogs by ToonSkribblez  :icontoonskribblez:

The Living ZERO- My Style by Stitchfan  :iconstitchfan:

Zero by HollyBecker :iconhollybecker:

Sparky by ZoraCatone  :iconzoracatone:
Frankenweenie by Pixie-van-Winkle :iconpixie-van-winkle:

Zero by MyDJCrow :iconmydjcrow:

Sparky by LemonPurple Frankenweenie by LemonPurple :iconlemonpurple:

Happy Holidays From Sparky by sailorlovesong  Sparky's Halloween Pumpkin by sailorlovesong Fetch, Sparky! by sailorlovesong  :iconsailorlovesong:

Scraps for tavington by SoulLostAtSea :iconsoullostatsea:

The Living ZERO- My Style by Stitchfan  :iconstitchfan:

:thumb346266424: :iconbloodymood:

:thumb347301519: :iconvioladork998:

:thumb266854032: :iconwolf-terrier:

:thumb338237057: :iconjow-6:

Zero,Scraps,and Sparky by ZzNightmareGirlzZ :thumb346577836:  :iconzznightmaregirlzz:

Nightmare before Valentine by MetaLatias5  has also donated lots :iconmetalatias5:

Sparky by AperatureScience has donated 3 more :iconaperaturescience:

Sparky by Invader--ZIM :iconinvader--zim:

Tim burton Dogs by gilly15 :icongilly15:

Jack skelly with no background by shadow-girl12 :iconshadow-girl12:

Frankenweenie: The good ol' days by ItsOver900O :iconitsover900o:

Why hello thar by XFlight  :iconxflight:

:thumb347799438:  :iconlovenotehasgoneflat:

frankenweenie by Spongebobluvr66 :iconspongebobluvr66:
Strange Love by binkaminka :iconbinkaminka:
'He's alive!' - Frankenweenie - Sparky by CapnPepper :iconcapnpepper:
Sparky by Strike-Mockingjay :iconstrike-mockingjay: has also donated few more
FrankenWeenie - Sparky by RavenEvert Sparky by RavenEvert :iconravenevert:

Frankenweenie by Baron-Von-Jello :iconbaron-von-jello:

Before TNBC 1 - Curiosities by Invader-Sam :iconinvader-sam:
Nice Catch by Rodent-blood :iconrodent-blood:
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TwitchyWitchyGirl Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow this is pretty neat! I would love to be a part of it. :)
tanibelle Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
<3 All three
LittleBloodyMonster Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
[link] - Sparky. ;)
JennySaphireLeyla Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
[link] That is my Part of Art Trade
[link] That is for the Burton Project
JennySaphireLeyla Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Can I too join it? I have a drawing of Jack and Zero I only must uploud it with your Request
LittleBloodyMonster Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
[link] - You can use it. ;-)
Monstrositynumba8 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
you can use mine!
Funkykitsune Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
If there's a collage of Jack then I'll be happy to donate one of my pictures for it :)
ScorpionsKissx Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you
ResurrectionDreams Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for requesting my artwork! You are certainly welcome to use it since you asked. :)
Here are a couple of pieces I have uploaded already that feature Jack:
[link] <-- This one is animated, I'm not sure if that will affect what you need it for. If you need a still of it, just let me know. :)
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